IND vs SL: Cricket, often considered a game of nerves and strategies, has witnessed numerous instances of impeccable performances and occasional lapses. The Asia Cup 2023 match between India and Sri Lanka added another page to this history when Gautam Gambhir, former Indian cricketer, shared his unfiltered thoughts on a particular shot choice made by Sri Lankan batsman Dhananjay de Silva.

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The Disputed Moment: A Sharp Reaction

IND vs SL: Dhananjay de Silva’s dismissal in the Asia Cup 2023 match against India didn’t sit well with Gambhir. The shot, which ended the hopes of many Sri Lankan fans, invited criticism from several quarters, with Gambhir being the most vocal.

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The Turning Point: Silva’s Dismissal

In a thrilling contest, where Sri Lanka was chasing a target of 214, they found themselves on the back foot, losing 6 wickets for just 99 runs. However, the tide seemed to turn with a promising partnership between Dhananjay de Silva and Dunith Vellalaghe. As the duo steadied the ship, victory for Sri Lanka looked imminent. But the game took an unexpected turn when de Silva, in an attempt to play a flamboyant shot off Ravindra Jadeja, found Shubman Gill in the deep. This dismissal marked the beginning of the end for Sri Lanka, who eventually fell short by 42 runs.

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Gambhir’s Take: The Difference Between Good and Great

IND vs SL: Discussing the match on Star Sports, Gautam Gambhir emphasized the crucial mistake made by de Silva. He stated, “At such a juncture, you expect prudence, especially from experienced players. This was the match’s turning point, and surely, de Silva will rue his decision. Such lapses differentiate a good player from a great one. Great players own the responsibility and don’t rely on others. They lead from the front and clinch victories. India stands out as a top team because they capitalize on such opportunities.”

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A Great Player’s Responsibility: Gambhir’s Stance

Highlighting the gravity of de Silva’s error, Gambhir expressed his discontentment over the shot choice. “A player of his caliber shouldn’t leave his team hanging,” Gambhir remarked. According to him, the hallmark of a great player is to see the team through challenging situations and not abandon them amidst a crisis.


IND vs SL: In the realm of cricket, where every shot can alter a game’s trajectory, this incident underscores the importance of decision-making. As the debate around de Silva’s shot choice continues, one thing is evident: the fine line between victory and defeat can often be a single shot.