KTM, a renowned name in the world of two-wheelers, is all set to make a splash in the market once again. With its latest offering, the KTM Duke, the brand aims to take on established names like the Bajaj Pulsar. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes the new Duke a force to reckon with:

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  1. Origin and Availability: The KTM Duke represents a series of bikes produced by the esteemed two-wheeler manufacturer, KTM, in India. Currently, six distinct Duke models are available for enthusiasts, with prices starting from a competitive Rs. 1,78,987.
  2. Specifications and Features:
    • Mileage: The Duke series offers an impressive mileage range between 28 kmpl to 40 kmpl.
    • Price: A model is available at ₹ 3,62,253.
    • Displacement: Boasts of a 398.63 cc engine.
    • Weight: A manageable 168.3 kg, ideal for versatile handling.
    • Fuel Tank: Comes with a capacity of 15 litres, ensuring longer rides without frequent refills.
    • Best Mileage: The 125 Duke stands out as the most fuel-efficient model, offering an authentic mileage of 40 kmpl.
  3. User Reviews:
    • Anish Ghanchi: “A mind-blowing machine. Perfect for cornering, stunts, and races. With low maintenance and optimal performance, I only trust the KTM service center for its care.”
    • Sahil Jaiswar: “A 10/10 riding experience. With excellent handling and cornering, it’s the best powerful machine in its segment. Ideal for short riders.”
    • Shaho Yt: “Not the best KTM bike. The 125 cc price is too high, with low mileage. Better options are available within this range.”
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
    • Q: Which is the most affordable Duke bike available in India? A: The KTM 125 Duke, priced at ₹ 1,77,484, is the most economical choice.
    • Q: Which Duke bikes are most popular in India? A: The KTM 390 Duke and KTM 200 Duke are among the top favorites.
    • Q: Are there any upcoming Duke models? A: Yes, the KTM 125 Duke [2024] is set to launch soon.

The new KTM Duke, with its sporty design and impressive features, is geared up to be a game-changer in the competitive two-wheeler market. Whether it will dethrone established giants like the Bajaj Pulsar remains to be seen, but it surely has revved up the anticipation among bike enthusiasts.

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KTM Duke
KTM Duke

Features of the New KTM Duke:

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  1. Origin: Manufactured by the esteemed two-wheeler brand, KTM, in India.
  2. Variety: Six distinct Duke models catering to different preferences and needs.
  3. Pricing: Starting from a competitive Rs. 1,78,987.
  4. Mileage: Impressive range between 28 kmpl to 40 kmpl.
  5. Engine Displacement: Boasts of a robust 398.63 cc engine.
  6. Weight: Weighs 168.3 kg, ensuring versatile handling.
  7. Fuel Capacity: A 15-litre fuel tank, allowing for longer journeys without frequent refueling stops.
  8. Best Mileage: The 125 Duke offers the highest mileage in the series with 40 kmpl.
  9. User Feedback: Positive reviews highlight excellent handling, cornering, and low maintenance.
  10. Value for Money: Some users feel the 125 cc variant is priced a bit high for its features.
  11. Upcoming Model: The much-anticipated KTM 125 Duke [2024] set to launch soon.

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