In the vibrant city of Solapur, Maharashtra, a unique family story unfolds. The Doijode family, an impressive assembly of 72 members, lives harmoniously under one roof. Their everyday life is not just about bonding and shared experiences; it’s also about substantial food expenses, which have made them a notable name in the locality.

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The Sprawling Doijode Clan in Solapur

The Doijode family, rooted in Solapur, Maharashtra, comprises a staggering 72 members. While many modern families prefer nuclear setups, this family stands as a testament to the age-old tradition of joint families in India. Their residence is not just a house; it’s a symphony of shared stories, responsibilities, and above all, love.

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The Substantial Daily Food Consumption

Running a trading business, the Doijodes are well-acquainted with the logistics of supply and demand, a concept they also experience within their household. Every day, their kitchen buzzes with activity. The family requires a whopping 10 liters of milk daily to meet their needs. Additionally, each meal witnesses the consumption of vegetables worth Rs 1000-1200. Such substantial food expenses illuminate the intricacies and challenges of managing a household of this magnitude.

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A Century-Old Legacy in Solapur

The Doijode family’s connection with Solapur wasn’t a recent affair. Originating from Karnataka, the family decided to shift their base to Solapur approximately 100 years ago. The reasons for this migration remain embedded in family tales and lore. Over the years, the Doijodes have not only expanded their family tree but have also deepened their roots in Solapur, making an indelible mark on the city’s socio-cultural fabric.

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In this house, 72 individuals
In this house, 72 individuals

the Doijode family exemplifies the beauty of living in harmony and unity. Their daily life, marked by substantial food expenses, showcases the practical challenges and joys of large joint families. In a rapidly changing world, they stand as a beacon of tradition, unity, and shared responsibility.