In the vast landscape of motorcycles, the TVS Mini Apache, also known as the Raider, is challenging the dominance of stalwarts like the Bajaj Pulsar. With its captivating design and a myriad of features, this bike is bound to make any enthusiast sit up and take notice.

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  1. Special Edition Release: TVS has upped its game by launching a Marvel-themed edition of the Raider 125 – named the TVS Raider 125 Super Squad Edition. This special edition, with its unique designs and features, pays homage to the popular superheroes and is sure to excite Marvel fans.
  2. Price Range and Variants: The TVS Raider starts at a price of Rs. 91,279 and peaks at Rs. 1,04,295. The bike’s diverse range includes five variants:
    • TVS Raider Drum
    • TVS Raider Single Seat
    • TVS Raider Disc
    • TVS Raider Super Squad Edition
    • TVS Raider SmartXonnect
  3. Price Breakdown:
    • TVS Raider Drum: Rs.91,279
    • TVS Raider Single Seat: Rs.95,945
    • TVS Raider Disc: Rs.96,945
    • TVS Raider Super Squad Edition: Rs.98,919
    • TVS Raider SmartXonnect: Rs.1,04,295
  4. Points of Contention:
    • Slightly on the pricier side.
    • The sporty design might not appeal to everyone.
    • Braking lever feedback could be improved.
    • A larger fuel tank would have been preferable.
  5. Noteworthy Features:
    • Abundant modern features, including segment-first ride modes.
    • Despite being a 125cc commuter bike, it flaunts a sporty appearance.
    • Superior build quality, leading its segment.

The TVS Raider, commonly referred to as the Mini Apache, is engineered with precision, showcasing impressive specifications that cater to modern riders. Under the hood, the Raider is powered by a 124.8 cc engine, which is both air and oil-cooled. This powertrain is capable of producing a commendable 11.38 PS at 7500 rpm, coupled with a torque of 11.2 Nm at 6000 rpm, ensuring that the bike has ample grunt for various road conditions.

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In terms of braking, the Raider is equipped with a front disc and a rear drum brake, striking a balance between efficient stopping power and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the bike boasts a fuel capacity of 10 liters, providing a decent range for city commutes and short rides. With a mileage of 67 kmpl, the Raider is not only powerful but also fuel-efficient, making it a notable contender in its segment.

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In summary, while the TVS Raider (Mini Apache) challenges established bikes like the Bajaj Pulsar, it offers a mix of sporty aesthetics and advanced features that make it a compelling choice in the segment. Whether you’re a Marvel fan or a motorcycle enthusiast, the Raider is worthy of consideration.

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TVS Raider
TVS Raider


  1. Engine: Powered by a 124.8 cc air and oil-cooled engine.
  2. Performance: Delivers 11.38 PS at 7500 rpm and 11.2 Nm torque at 6000 rpm.
  3. Braking: Front disc and rear drum brake setup for balanced stopping power.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: Offers a commendable mileage of 67 kmpl.
  5. Fuel Capacity: Features a 10-liter fuel tank for extended rides.
  6. Variants: Available in diverse options including Drum, Single Seat, Disc, Super Squad Edition, and SmartXonnect.
  7. Special Edition: Marvel-themed Raider 125 Super Squad Edition available for superhero enthusiasts.
  8. Design: Sporty aesthetics appealing to the younger generation of riders.
  9. Build Quality: Best-in-segment construction ensures durability and rider safety.
  10. Modern Features: Equipped with segment-first ride modes enhancing the riding experience.
  11. Price Range: Starts at Rs. 91,279, offering various models up to Rs. 1,04,295.
  12. Competitive Position: Challenges established bikes like Bajaj Pulsar in terms of design and features.

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