Welcome 3: The Bollywood industry is no stranger to its sequels and trilogies, often bringing back the magic of iconic characters and storylines. When the announcement video of “Welcome 3” was recently unveiled, it created a significant buzz among fans.

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The Grand Announcement of ‘Welcome 3’:

The unveiling of the “Welcome 3” announcement video was met with immense anticipation. This franchise has given audiences much to cheer about in the past, and the third installment promises another dose of laughter and drama.

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The Mysterious Absence of Nana Patekar:

Amidst the excitement surrounding the announcement, a notable absence was observed. Nana Patekar, who was a pivotal character in the previous films of the franchise, was conspicuously missing from the video. This led to waves of speculation and curiosity among fans and industry insiders alike.

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Patekar’s Candid Response:

When confronted with the question of his absence from the movie, Nana Patekar had a candid and somewhat poignant remark. He shared, “They feel that we have become old. That’s probably why he didn’t take it.” This response gives a glimpse into the industry’s changing dynamics, where age often plays a significant role in casting decisions.

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Patekar’s Optimism towards the Industry:

Despite his exclusion from the film, Nana Patekar remains optimistic about the Bollywood landscape. Elaborating on his earlier statement, he mentioned, “The industry is never closed for anyone. If you want to do good work, then people will approach you.” This sentiment underscores the fact that talent and dedication can still find its rightful place, regardless of age.

Welcome 3
Welcome 3

while casting decisions like these highlight the age-old debate of ageism in Bollywood, actors like Nana Patekar stand tall, reminding us that talent transcends age. His optimism and dedication serve as an inspiration for many, ensuring that age remains but a number in the face of genuine talent and passion.

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