The motorcycling world often basks in nostalgia, reminiscing about bikes that once ruled the roads. And when legends decide to make a comeback, the excitement is palpable. Such is the case with the 1990s stalwart, Honda CD100. Ready to make its resurgence, the iconic Honda CD100 is about to step into the contemporary era, armed with modern enhancements.

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1. A Resurgence in Style:

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The Honda CD100, celebrated in the ’90s, is poised to return, but this time in a revolutionary new avatar. This bike, which once epitomized reliability and efficiency, promises to incorporate the old charm with a modern touch.

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2. From Hero Honda to Just Honda:

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For many, the name Hero Honda CD100 resonates with memories, given that the bike was a joint product of Hero Motocorp and Honda. But times have changed, and the two giants have parted ways. With its re-entry, the CD100 sheds the Hero branding, undergoing significant changes in design, engine prowess, and features. The familiar silhouette may stay, but everything else is anticipated to be a blend of nostalgia and the future.

3. A New Beginning for CD100:

The reborn CD100 is not just an old wine in a new bottle. It’s a thorough re-imagination of the classic. With an expected starting price of Rs 89,800 ex-showroom, this bike aims to capture both the hearts of loyalists and the new generation of riders.

4. Launch Timelines:

The murmurs in the motorcycling community suggest that this revamped marvel will grace the Indian roads by early 2024. Enthusiasts and Honda loyalists are eagerly marking their calendars.

5. Rider Reviews: A Glimpse into the Past:

  • Meit Vyas: “From 1987 till now, the CD100 has been our trusted companion. Whether it’s the daily grind or long journeys, the CD100 never lets down. Its commendable mileage, distinct retro aesthetics, and remarkable firing make it perfect even for off-roading.”
  • Manish Bhatia: “Having ridden the Hero Honda CD100 for a decade, its consistent performance is impressive. My purchase from Vishal Auto in Varanasi was complemented by their excellent service center.”
  • R.Selvakumar: “I bought this bike in 1992. With a run nearing 4,00,000 kms over 25 years, the CD100 stands as a testament to durability, requiring minimal maintenance while offering a superior riding experience.”

The return of the Honda CD100 is not just a nod to the past but a celebration of timeless motorcycling spirit. As the market awaits its re-entry, one thing is clear – the legend is set to ride again, bridging the past and the future.

Honda CD100
Honda CD100
  1. Revamped Design:
    • The Honda CD100 is returning with a new, modern avatar while maintaining hints of its legendary design from the ’90s.
  2. Historical Branding:
    • Originally a joint venture product under the name Hero Honda CD100.
    • Post separation from Hero Motocorp, the rebranded bike will now be solely under Honda, with significant modifications.
  3. Engine and Performance Enhancements:
    • Major changes are expected in the engine, offering improved performance while retaining its reputation for reliability.
  4. Modern Aesthetics and Features:
    • While retaining its classic appeal, the new CD100 will integrate modern aesthetics and features, catering to contemporary riders.
  5. Pricing:
    • The new CD100’s starting price is anticipated to be Rs 89,800 ex-showroom.
  6. Launch Date:
    • Expected to be available in the Indian market by early 2024.
  7. User Reviews:
    • Meit Vyas: Appreciates its reliability for both daily commutes and long journeys, highlighting its mileage, retro look, and impressive firing.
    • Manish Bhatia: Emphasizes its consistent performance over a decade and commends the service center of his purchase venue.
    • R.Selvakumar: Praises the CD100 for its durability, low maintenance, and superior riding experience, having used the bike for 25 years with nearly 4,00,000 kms.

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