In the past years, Uttarakhand has been making significant headlines for the growing number of its youth making their way into India’s esteemed services. The story of Sunder Singh Dhami, a Bindukhatta resident of Haldwani, further embellishes this narrative. He has achieved a significant milestone by securing the rank of lieutenant in the Indian Army.

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Uttarakhand’s Flourishing Trend in Services: The journey of young individuals from Uttarakhand joining the Indian Services has seen an upward trend, and this graph seems to be continuously rising. Sunder Singh Dhami, originally from Pithoragarh, is the newest addition to this list, further cementing the state’s reputation for producing diligent servicemen and women.

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Sunder’s Educational Background and Journey to the Army: Sunder received his foundational education in Pithoragarh. His academic pursuits then led him to the national capital, where he secured a seat in Delhi University. Upon completing his graduation, the young aspirant set his sights on the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam. His dedication and relentless effort bore fruit in 2022 when he successfully cleared the exam.

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A Legacy of Service: Sunder’s commitment to the nation runs deep within his veins. His father, Narayan Singh Dhami, has also served the country as a member of the Indian Army. Holding the esteemed post of Havildar in the renowned Kumaon Regiment, he now dedicates his time and skills to the Defence Security Corps (DSC).

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The Pillar of the Dhami Household: Behind this budding army officer and the veteran is the unwavering support of Nanda Devi, Sunder’s mother. As a skilled housewife, she has been the backbone of the Dhami family, ensuring that the home environment remains conducive to their pursuits and commitments to the nation.

Sunder Singh Dhami
Sunder Singh Dhami

Sunder Singh Dhami’s accomplishment is not just an individual achievement but also represents the aspirations and capabilities of the youth from Uttarakhand. His journey is a testament to the nurturing environment of his family and the state, and an inspiration to many more to come.