Honda, a brand renowned for its pioneering spirit, has announced its new entry to the scooter market – the Honda Activa 7G. Set to rival the TVS Jupiter, the new scooter targets the preferences of the older generation with its advanced features, melding both tradition and technology.

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1. Instrument Console:

Although the specifics regarding the Activa 7G’s features are yet to be fully disclosed, the buzz in the market suggests a semi-digital instrument console. This might integrate basic Bluetooth connectivity. If not, Honda could possibly surprise its consumers with a fully-digital version, elevating the modern scooter experience.

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2. Engine and Transmission:

The new Activa 7G is expected to feature both Kick and Self Start options. It is believed to incorporate a Fuel Injection supply system, ensuring a smoother and more efficient ride. What’s more, with the scooter adhering to the BS6 emission standards, Honda reiterates its commitment to a greener future.

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3. Variant and Engine Capacity:

The Honda Activa 7G STD is priced at Rs.79,000 and is likely to be equipped with a 110cc fan-cooled, 4-stroke engine. With such an engine, riders can expect a robust performance, generating approximately 7.68 BHP power and a torque of 8.79 Newton meters.

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4. Market Entry and Features:

The Honda Activa 7G is set to make its grand entry into the market by 2024. While the digital specifics are still under wraps, potential buyers are hoping for a fully-digital instrument console. Additionally, the anticipation is high for a front disc brake and a standard LED headlight, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.

5. Overview:

Priced at an estimated Rs.79,000, the Honda Activa 7G is available in one distinct variant. Powering this modern marvel is a BS6 compliant engine, assuring compliance with the latest emission norms. Notably, it features both front and rear brakes, ensuring an all-rounded safety experience for the rider.

6. Price and Additional Features:

At a competitive price of Rs.79,000, the Activa 7G promises a technological transformation from its predecessors. The conventional analog meter is expected to be replaced with a digital counterpart. This would entail features like a digital speedometer, trip meter, and odometer, bringing the scooter’s interface to the contemporary era.

with the introduction of the Honda Activa 7G, the brand is not just offering a mode of transportation but a statement of style, safety, and innovation. It’s clear that Honda aims to capture the hearts of both the older and younger generations with this promising new entrant.

Honda Activa 7G
Honda Activa 7G
  1. Instrument Console:
    • Potential semi-digital instrument console.
    • Basic Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Possibility of a fully-digital version.
  2. Engine and Transmission:
    • Kick Start and Self Start features.
    • Fuel Injection supply system.
    • BS6 emission standard compliant.
  3. Variant and Engine Capacity:
    • Model: Honda Activa 7G STD.
    • Priced at Rs.79,000.
    • 110cc fan-cooled, 4-stroke engine.
    • Estimated power output: 7.68 BHP.
    • Estimated torque: 8.79 Newton meters.
  4. Market Entry and Advanced Features:
    • Expected launch by 2024.
    • Hopes of a fully-digital instrument console.
    • Anticipated inclusion of a front disc brake.
    • Standard LED headlight.
  5. General Overview:
    • Price: Estimated at Rs.79,000.
    • Available in a single variant.
    • BS6 compliant engine.
    • Both front and rear brakes.
  6. Digital Meter Features:
    • Conversion from analog to digital meter.
    • Digital speedometer.
    • Digital trip meter.
    • Digital odometer.

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