IND vs PAK: The Asia Cup 2023 has been abuzz with thrilling cricketing action between arch-rivals India and Pakistan. However, amidst the excitement on the field, an off-field controversy has arisen, raising questions and eyebrows.

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A Rain-Interrupted Clash in Colombo

Asia Cup 2023: In Colombo, Sri Lanka, the cricket world was treated to a nail-biting match between India and Pakistan (IND vs. PAK). This intense encounter was marred by rain, leading to a delay in the match and the necessity of a reserve day. The match that began on Sunday would now resume from the same point on Monday.

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India-Pakistan Super Four Showdown

At the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, the teams of India and Pakistan locked horns in the Super Four stage of the tournament. India’s opening pair, Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill, provided a blazing start, amassing 121 runs. When rain halted play, India had reached 147 runs in 24.1 overs, with Virat Kohli and KL Rahul at the crease. However, the rain delay brought to light a different kind of activity involving two Pakistani players.

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Allegations of Gambling Shake the Cricketing World

As rain forced players to retreat to the pavilion, an unexpected controversy surfaced. Allegations arose that two Pakistani individuals, namely Media Manager Omar Farooq Kalsan and Board General Manager Adnan Ali, had managed to evade security personnel and visit a casino to engage in gambling activities. This news sent shockwaves through the cricketing community, and discussions intensified.

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ICC’s Watchful Eye on the Situation

Asia Cup 2023: The International Cricket Council (ICC) is closely monitoring this situation, eager to ascertain the motives behind the players’ visit to the casino. Both individuals in question have maintained that their presence at the casino was solely for dinner. Nevertheless, the ICC is expected to take decisive action to address this matter, with the cricketing world eagerly awaiting their response.

Controversy Amidst Rain Disruptions

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time rain has disrupted an India-Pakistan encounter in the Asia Cup 2023. The first match between the two rivals also couldn’t reach its conclusion due to rain. However, the actions of the two Pakistani players in the aftermath of Sunday’s match have created a stir, adding an unexpected twist to the tournament.


As the Asia Cup 2023 continues, all eyes are not only on the exciting cricket on the field but also on the unfolding developments off the field. The ICC’s response and subsequent actions will undoubtedly play a crucial role in addressing this controversy and upholding the integrity of the sport.