In the ever-evolving world of automobiles, the Innova Hycross emerges as a benchmark of both aesthetics and functionality. Its superior mileage and array of luxurious features not only set it apart but also leave models like the Ertiga a step behind in the race. Let’s delve deeper into the offerings of this vehicle:

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1. Technical Overview: The Innova Hycross Hybrid prototype, recently showcased, boasts the BS6 Phase 2 along with flex-fuel compatibility. Potential owners will be pleased to note the vehicle’s:

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  • Fuel Type: Both Petrol & Hybrid options available.
  • Transmission: Smooth Automatic transmission.
  • Seating: Configurable for both 7 & 8 passengers, ensuring comfort.

2. Available Variants: Toyota offers a variety of options for buyers:

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  • G
  • GX
  • VX
  • ZX
  • ZX (O)

3. Engine and Performance: Under the hood, the Hycross comes with two engine options. One of these is the robust 2.0-litre petrol engine churning out 173bhp and a torque of 209Nm. Priced at Rs. 19.67 Lakh onwards, its mileage ranges impressively between 16.13 to 23.24 kmpl, and the engine has a displacement of 1987 cc.

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4. Market Competition: Innova Hycross faces stiff competition from:

  • Hyundai Alcazar
  • Kia Carnival
  • Mahindra XUV700
  • MG Hector Plus
  • Tata Safari

5. Potential Drawbacks:

  • The boot lid’s slow and noisy opening and closing mechanism could be vexing.
  • Accessing the third row is challenging, especially in premium variants.
  • Some areas have plastic components that lack the expected finish, given the vehicle’s price.

6. Notable Advantages:

  • Hycross stands out by offering more essential features than its predecessor, the Innova Crysta.
  • Its distinctive SUV styling ensures a commanding road presence, distinguishing it from other vehicles in its category.
  • Safety remains paramount with an array of airbags and modern driving aids designed to ensure the well-being of its occupants.

7. Pricing: The Innova Hycross is priced between Rs. 19.67 – 30.26 Lakh. Here’s a quick look at the price across various metro cities:

  • Mumbai: Rs. 23.72 Lakh
  • Bangalore: Rs. 24.73 Lakh
  • Delhi: Rs. 22.92 Lakh
  • Pune: Rs. 23.67 Lakh
  • Navi Mumbai: Rs. 23.72 Lakh
  • Hyderabad: Rs. 24.90 Lakh

In summary, while Ertiga has its merits, the Innova Hycross’s impressive mileage, combined with its luxurious features, positions it as a vehicle that’s hard to ignore. Its blend of style, performance, and luxury ensures it’s a strong contender in the multi-utility vehicle segment.

Innova Hycross
Innova Hycross


  1. Technical Specs:
    • Hybrid prototype with BS6 Phase 2.
    • Flex-fuel compatibility.
    • Fuel Types: Petrol & Hybrid.
    • Transmission: Automatic.
    • Seating Capacity: Options for 7 & 8 seater.
  2. Variants Offered:
    • G
    • GX
    • VX
    • ZX
    • ZX (O)
  3. Engine Details:
    • 2.0-litre petrol engine.
    • Output: 173bhp and 209Nm torque.
    • Price starting: Rs. 19.67 Lakh.
    • Mileage: 16.13 to 23.24 kmpl.
    • Engine Displacement: 1987 cc.
  4. Market Rivals:
    • Hyundai Alcazar
    • Kia Carnival
    • Mahindra XUV700
    • MG Hector Plus
    • Tata Safari
  5. Cons:
    • Slow and noisy boot lid operation.
    • Difficulty accessing the third row in higher-end variants.
    • Some interior plastic components lack premium finish and quality.
  6. Pros:
    • More feature-rich than its predecessor, the Innova Crysta.
    • Distinctive SUV-styling ensures a strong road presence.
    • Enhanced safety with a suite of airbags and modern driving aids.

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