Jharkhand, a region synonymous with coal mining, often bears witness to vast voids left behind post extraction. These gaping cavities, while seemingly wasted spaces, soon brim with water. While most see these flooded mines as remnants of resource extraction, Shashikant saw an opportunity.

The Opportunity in Abandonment
The Central Coal Fields Limited (CCL) left behind just such a mine: a vast expanse filled with stagnant water. To most, it might appear as a mere derelict of the coal industry. However, for the keen-eyed Shashikant, it presented an untapped canvas. Why not, he thought, use this water-filled mine for fish farming?

Mobilizing the Local Youth
With a vision in place, Shashikant’s next step was to build a capable team. He turned to Ara village in the Mandu block of the district, where he identified and motivated a group of educated young individuals. Their mission was singular: to transform the forsaken mine into a bustling aquaculture hub.

Navigating Bureaucracy
With a team and a plan, Shashikant approached the fisheries department. Sharing his innovative idea, he articulated his vision of converting the mine into a fish farm. The department, intrigued by this unique proposal, needed assurances. The endeavor required official permissions, the foremost being a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from CCL.

A Vision Realized
Upon receiving the NOC, the team dived into action. 2010 marked the start of Shashikant’s fish farming dream. The once desolate coal mine was transformed into a thriving aquatic habitat, teeming with fish. Not only did this initiative provide a sustainable source of income, but it also revitalized the local ecosystem.

Accolades and Recognition
Shashikant’s pioneering endeavor didn’t go unnoticed. His transformation of a forsaken mine into a profitable fish farm drew attention from various quarters. He was honored on multiple platforms, setting a precedent for innovative land use and sustainable entrepreneurship.


Shashikant’s story is a testament to the power of vision and innovation. By repurposing a disregarded coal mine into a thriving fishery, he showcased the potential that lies in viewing challenges as opportunities. Today, he stands not just as a successful entrepreneur, but also as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the entire region.