In the ever-competitive two-wheeler market, every brand is looking for a moment to shine, a moment to challenge the current favorites. Bajaj Pulsar, with its sporty aesthetics and commanding engine, has firmly set its sights on the popular Apache, intending to shake up the status quo.

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1. Bajaj Pulsar: A Glimpse into Variants and New Additions

For potential Bajaj enthusiasts, the array of choices can be a bit overwhelming. The Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 and NS 160, in particular, have created a buzz with the introduction of a new, sophisticated Pewter Grey color option, further enhancing their appeal.

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2. Bajaj Pulsar NS160: Pricing and Key Variant

The Pulsar NS160 is priced competitively, starting at Rs. 1,37,856. The bike is available in one primary variant – the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 2023 STD. A noteworthy feature is the Disc ABS Single Channel brake system, ensuring safety alongside performance.

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3. Room for Improvement in Pulsar NS160

While the Pulsar NS160 brings a lot to the table, there are areas where it could be improved:

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  • Feature set feels a bit limited compared to competitors.
  • Engine refinement leaves room for improvement, especially at higher revolutions.
  • The bike stands out as one of the heaviest in its segment, which might deter some enthusiasts.

4. Winning Features of the Pulsar NS160

Despite the aforementioned challenges, the Pulsar NS160 has attributes that make it a worthy contender:

  • Pricing: Its affordability makes it accessible to a broader audience.
  • Performance: It promises a significant performance punch, ensuring a thrilling ride.
  • Handling: The bike’s handling characteristics make it a pleasure to ride, especially on challenging terrains.

5. Essential Specifications Bajaj Pulsar:

  • Engine: A robust 160 cc engine.
  • Power: An impressive 17.2 PS.
  • Torque: A decent 14.6 Nm.
  • Kerb Weight: Weighing in at 152 kg.

6. A Closer Look at Pulsar NS160’s Features

  • Power Output: 17.2 PS at 9000 rpm.
  • Torque: 14.6 Nm at 7250 rpm.
  • Braking System: Both front and rear are equipped with disc brakes.
  • Fuel Capacity: A decent fuel tank with a capacity of 12 liters ensures longer rides without frequent refueling.

In the grand chessboard of the two-wheeler market, Bajaj’s Pulsar NS160 is not just a pawn; it’s a knight making strategic moves. While Apache has its loyal fan base, Pulsar, with its sporty looks and dynamic performance, is sure to give it a run for its money.



Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Features:

  1. New Color Addition: Introduced in Pewter Grey color option.
  2. Pricing: Starts at Rs. 1,37,856 in the Indian market.
  3. Variant: Bajaj Pulsar NS160 2023 STD.
  4. Braking System: Disc ABS Single Channel for enhanced safety.
  5. Areas for Improvement:
    • Limited feature set compared to competitors.
    • Engine refinement can be better, especially at higher RPMs.
    • One of the heavier bikes in its class.
  6. Key Positive Features:
    • Competitively priced, offering good value for money.
    • Strong performance metrics.
    • Superior handling characteristics.
  7. Engine Specs:
    • Engine capacity of 160 cc.
    • Power output of 17.2 PS.
    • Torque of 14.6 Nm.
  8. Physical Attributes:
    • Total weight (Kerb Weight) of 152 kg.
  9. Detailed Specifications:
    • Power reaches its peak at 17.2 PS @ 9000 rpm.
    • Max torque of 14.6 Nm @ 7250 rpm.
    • Both front and rear are equipped with disc brakes.
    • Fuel tank with a 12-liter capacity.

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