In a world often lost in materialism, it is heartening to find individuals who are dedicated to uplifting the less fortunate. Lalit Joshi, the Chairman of Combined PG Institute of Medical Science and Research (CIMSR), is a beacon of hope for many orphaned children, dedicating his life to providing them with shelter and guidance towards self-reliance.

Lalit Joshi: An Unwavering Pillar of Support

Lalit’s selfless acts have been a ray of hope in the darkest times. He takes pride in empowering children, setting them on a path to a brighter, self-reliant future. His mission isn’t just about immediate aid, but the lasting change that can redirect the course of a young life.

Mukul Joshi: A Journey from Streets to Serving the Nation

Among the many lives touched by Lalit’s benevolence is Mukul Joshi. The sight of Mukul, clad in his army uniform, stepping into CIMSR, was a defining moment that filled Lalit’s heart with immense pride. From being an orphaned child to serving the nation, Mukul’s transformation stands testimony to the wonders of genuine support and mentorship.

A Tale of Loss and Resilience

The tragic tales of Mukul and his younger brother, Suraj, begin in Dehradun. Losing their father, a humble cart-seller, during the Covid crisis, the duo faced a relentless series of tragedies. The subsequent loss of their mother to a brain hemorrhage was a further blow. With no home and no support, the siblings were evicted by their landlord, leaving them wandering, seeking shelter and empathy.

Lalit Joshi Steps in Amid Desolation

When kin turned their backs on Mukul and Suraj during their direst moments, it was Lalit Joshi who emerged as their savior. Recognizing the need for immediate intervention, Lalit, through CIMSR, ensured that the brothers were not only provided shelter but also equipped with the skills to secure a future.

New Beginnings

Today, Mukul stands tall as an Agniveer, having undergone rigorous training, while Suraj, after completing a diploma in hotel management, is now immersed in job training, readying himself for the world of hospitality.

Lalit Joshi
Lalit Joshi

In essence, the journey of the Joshi siblings, aided by Lalit’s unwavering support, mirrors the potential that lies within every child. It emphasizes that with the right guidance, even the most underprivileged can overcome adversities and carve a niche for themselves.