Achievements are never accidental. They are a result of persistent hard work, undying passion, and unwavering determination. When Priyanka Dangwal from Uttarakhand clinched the top rank at IIT Kerala, it was more than just an academic victory; it was the celebration of a journey filled with dedication.

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A Golden Moment with the Missile Man:

The culmination of Priyanka’s efforts came when she received the prestigious gold medal from none other than the eminent ‘Missile Man’ and the current chairman of ISRO, S Somnath. Such a recognition from a stalwart in the field of science and technology amplifies the magnitude of her accomplishment.

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Roots in Sirai, Growth in Dehradun:

Originating from the serene precincts of Sirai village in Tehri, the Dangwal family now resides in the bustling city of Dehradun. Despite the urban shift, Priyanka’s connection to her roots and the values imbibed from there have played a pivotal role in her achievements.

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Stellar Academic Journey:

Her academic prowess was evident early on. With a staggering 98.5% in her 10th-grade examinations and an impressive 98% in her 12th, Priyanka’s educational journey was nothing short of exemplary. But she didn’t stop there. Entering IIT, arguably the pinnacle of engineering institutions in India, she continued her trend of excellence. Opting for B.Tech in Electrical, she ensured Uttarakhand’s pride soared high when she topped there too.

A Legacy of Learning:

Priyanka’s tenacity for knowledge might well be an inheritance. Her parents, both devoted teachers in government schools, have undoubtedly instilled in her the values of education and the pursuit of excellence. As news of her triumph spread, job offers started pouring in from some of the biggest companies both in India and overseas. However, in her characteristic focused manner, Priyanka has set her sights on further studies, particularly MTech, before venturing into the corporate world.

Priyanka Dangwal
Priyanka Dangwal

To sum it up, Priyanka Dangwal’s story isn’t just about academic excellence. It’s a testament to the fact that with the right support, dedication, and values, one can conquer even the loftiest peaks. Uttarakhand has indeed found its shining star in her.