Ridhi Dogra On Jawan: The glamorous world of cinema often draws audiences with its charm and opulence. Yet, it’s the behind-the-scenes tales and dedication of the cast and crew that truly make a film come alive. One such movie creating waves at the box office is ‘Jawan’. Riddhi Dogra, the TV actress who ventured into this film, has shared some interesting tidbits about her experience, including the strict no-phone policy on the set.

‘Jawan’: A Box Office Sensation

Few films achieve monumental success in such a short span, and ‘Jawan’ is proving to be one of them. This cinematic marvel has taken the box office by storm, captivating audiences with its storyline, performances, and cinematic appeal.

Phenomenal Earnings: A New Record

The enormous popularity of ‘Jawan’ isn’t just talk; it’s backed by impressive numbers. Surpassing many records, the film has raked in more than Rs 100 crore in just its initial two days. Such staggering figures speak volumes about the movie’s reach and acceptance among the masses.

Riddhi Dogra: A Stellar Contribution

While every actor has played their part in making ‘Jawan’ a success, TV actress Riddhi Dogra’s role is especially noteworthy. Transitioning from the small screen to the big one is no easy feat, yet Riddhi has showcased her prowess and added significant value to the film with her commendable performance.

Riddhi’s Golden Opportunity

In a heartfelt Instagram post on Saturday, Riddhi expressed her gratitude and excitement about being a part of ‘Jawan’. She penned down her feelings, stating that this role was a golden opportunity for her. Her fans and followers were quick to shower her with praise and support, acknowledging her dedication to the craft.

Strict Protocols: The No-Phone Rule

Riddhi also let her fans into a little secret from the sets of ‘Jawan’. She revealed that no one, be it cast or crew, was allowed to bring phones on set. Such measures, she implied, maintained a focused environment and possibly contributed to the film’s overall success.

Ridhi Dogra On Jawan
Ridhi Dogra On Jawan

‘Jawan’ is a testament to the sheer hard work, dedication, and creativity of the entire team. Riddhi Dogra’s insights not only highlight her personal journey and commitment but also shed light on the disciplined environment that went into crafting this box office sensation. As the film continues to win hearts, these revelations make the success story all the more endearing.

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