The path to success is never a straight line; it’s laden with curves, detours, and challenges. One of the most commendable examples of perseverance and determination is the tale of Mudra Gairola, a native of Karnaprayag in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand. Her story is a testimony to the power of dreams and the lengths one can go to achieve them.

A Challenging Start:

Mudra Gairola embarked on her UPSC journey after making the audacious decision to abandon a promising career in medicine. Despite her initial setbacks, where she appeared for Mains twice without success, her resolve remained unbroken. In her third attempt, she was appointed as an IPS officer, a formidable achievement in itself. But Mudra was destined for more. A year later, she achieved the esteemed position of an IAS officer.

An Unexpected Turn:

Hailing from Karnaprayag, Uttarakhand, Mudra initially set her sights on a medical career. Few could have predicted the dramatic shift in her aspirations, transforming her from a potential doctor to an administrative officer.

A Father’s Dream:

Behind Mudra’s relentless pursuit was a deep-rooted desire to realize her father’s dream. It was his ambition to see his child as an IAS officer, a dream he once aspired for himself.

Academic Excellence:

Before diving into the UPSC waters, Mudra pursued a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in Mumbai, showcasing her academic prowess by securing a gold medal. After her graduation, she moved to Delhi, enrolling in a Master’s program in Dental Surgery (MDS).

A Bold Decision:

However, honoring her father’s dream outweighed her medical aspirations. Mudra made the brave choice of leaving her MDS studies midway to wholly commit to UPSC preparations.

Initial UPSC Attempts:

2018 marked her inaugural venture into the UPSC Civil Services Exam. She demonstrated potential by advancing to the interview round in her very first attempt.

Undeterred Spirit:

In 2019, she once again stood at the threshold of the UPSC interview. Despite her efforts, final selection eluded her. But Mudra was not one to be deterred. 2021 witnessed her determination once again as she tackled the UPSC examination with renewed vigor.

Triumph at Last:

2022 marked a turning point in Mudra’s journey. She not only cleared the UPSC but did so with a remarkable 53rd rank, achieving her dream of becoming an IAS officer. This accomplishment was not just hers but also a tribute to her father, Arun, who in 1973 had himself embarked on the UPSC journey.

IAS Mudra Gairola
IAS Mudra Gairola

Mudra Gairola’s story exemplifies how dedication, resilience, and a clear vision can lead to success. Her journey from a medical student in Mumbai to an IAS officer is a beacon of inspiration for many.