In the bustling Indian automobile market, where fuel efficiency often dominates the choice of the common man, Maruti Suzuki introduces its ace card: the Maruti Dzire. With an incredible mileage and a competitive price point, the Dzire isn’t just a car; it’s Maruti’s statement to competitors. For those eyeing the Tiago, the Dzire offers a tantalizing alternative, especially with the possibility of acquiring it for a starting price of just Rs. 6.52 Lakh.

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Maruti Dzire: A Snapshot

Price and Mileage: The Dzire is priced starting from Rs. 6.52 Lakh, offering an impressive mileage ranging from 22.41 to 31.12 kmpl. For those concerned about service costs, you’ll be pleased to know that the yearly service cost is pegged at a reasonable Rs. 5354.

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Versions Available:

  • Dzire LXi: Rs. 6.52 Lakh
  • Dzire VXi: Rs. 7.44 Lakh
  • Dzire VXi AGS: Rs. 7.99 Lakh
  • Dzire ZXi: Rs. 8.12 Lakh

Key Specifications:

The Dzire caters to a wide audience with both Petrol and CNG variants. It offers both Manual and Automatic transmission options, and comfortably seats five individuals. However, the safety rating stands at 2 stars.

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The Shortcomings:


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  1. Driving Experience: The Dzire might leave some enthusiasts wanting, as the steering often feels unresponsive and lacks precision.
  2. Build Quality: While Maruti is known for durability, the fit and finish of the Dzire, especially in the lower parts of the cabin, may not meet segment-leading standards.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Having been in the market for some time, the Dzire is starting to show its age in design.

The Selling Points:


  1. Spacious Interiors: A highlight of the Dzire is its ample space, providing large and comfortable seats with plenty of head, leg, and shoulder room.
  2. Ride Quality: Regardless of the speed, the Dzire ensures a smooth, absorbent ride.
  3. Design Proportions: Unlike some compact sedans, the Dzire’s rear doesn’t end abruptly, giving it a more proportionate look.
Maruti Dzire
Maruti Dzire

What Do Users Say?

RAMESH PATEL: “Excellent service and commendable mileage. The seating is comfortable, and the maintenance is almost nil. The performance is smooth with no extra expenses.”

Suhail Murtaza Bhat: “Loved the stylish steering with controls. The auto ORVM open/close feature is a great addition. The audio panel is a stylish touch, and the keyless boot lock access is convenient.”

Saleem: “If you’re eyeing the ZXi variant but want more features, I’d recommend considering the Baleno. Overall, the Dzire is a fantastic car, but it lacks features like a 360-degree camera.”

The Maruti Dzire, with its competitive pricing and fuel efficiency, is positioned to be a dominant force in its segment. While the Tiago has its merits, the Dzire promises to be a compelling choice for potential buyers, ensuring Maruti’s continued reign in the Indian auto market.

– The article discusses the strong sedan segment in the Indian auto market, with the Maruti Suzuki Dzire being one of the top choices.
– The company is offering easy finance options for customers interested in purchasing the Maruti Suzuki Dzire.
– The base model of the Dzire is priced at INR 6,51,500, but customers can avail discounts and finance plans to make it more affordable.
– The car is equipped with a 1197cc engine that generates 88.50 bhp of power and 113 Nm of peak torque.
– The Dzire offers a mileage of 22.41 km/l, as certified by ARAI.
– Maruti Suzuki is offering an easy finance plan where customers can get a loan of INR 6,34,897 with a down payment of INR 1 lakh.
– The loan will have an interest rate of 9.7% and a monthly EMI of INR 13,427 for a period of 5 years.
– The Dzire comes with features like multi-function steering wheel, touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, automatic climate control, engine start-stop button, and alloy wheels.
– The article also mentions other news headlines related to cricket and government schemes.

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