The automotive world has often associated the royal experience with luxury brands and models beyond the budgetary confines of the average buyer. But the Maruti Ignis is about to change that preconception. With the release of their compact Ignis, Maruti delivers the promise of a regal driving experience without having the user break the bank.

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1. Unparalleled Affordability and Efficiency

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Starting at an impressively affordable base model price of Rs. 5.84 Lakh, the Ignis gives the common man access to premium features. For a vehicle with an engine capacity of 1197 cc, achieving a mileage of 20.89 kmpl is a commendable feat.

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2. Unbeatable Features and Support

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One of the Ignis’s key attributes is its drivability. As a hatch, it offers commendable agility, making city commutes a breeze. Practicality is at the forefront of its design, without compromising on seating capacity which comfortably accommodates five passengers. Further, Maruti’s extensive service network ensures that assistance is always at hand. Whether you prefer a manual transmission or an automatic, the Ignis has got you covered. And let’s not forget the universally trusted fuel type it operates on – Petrol.

3. Room for Improvement

However, like any other vehicle, the Ignis has its set of drawbacks. The AMT gearbox, for instance, tends to get a little jerky, especially with hefty throttle inputs. The rear seating arrangement doesn’t provide the utmost comfort when accommodating three passengers. Also, the design is subjective; some find the narrow frame of the Ignis slightly off-putting, while others may appreciate its uniqueness.

4. What’s New in 2023?

The 2023 model of the Ignis brings with it some noteworthy upgrades. It is now compliant with the BS6 Phase 2 (RDE) emission standards, reflecting Maruti’s commitment to a greener future. Besides, Maruti has enhanced the safety quotient by offering more standard safety features. The vehicle’s personalisation options coupled with the overall build quality ensure a premium feel. Not to forget, the ample storage space within the center console and door pads demonstrates thoughtful practicality.

5. Choices Galore

Diversity in choice is a blessing for potential buyers. The Ignis is available in four distinct variants, with prices starting from a modest Rs. 5.82 Lakh.

6. Price and Versions

To help you make an informed choice, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Ignis Sigma 1.2 MT: Rs. 5.84 Lakh
  • Ignis Delta 1.2 MT: Rs. 6.38 Lakh
  • Ignis Delta 1.2 AMT: Rs. 6.93 Lakh
  • Ignis Zeta 1.2 MT: Rs. 6.96 Lakh
  • Ignis Zeta 1.2 MT Dual Tone: Rs. 7.10 Lakh

The Maruti Ignis is a compelling choice for those looking for a vehicle that offers a balance of price, performance, and prestige. With a starting price that’s hard to beat and an impressive mileage, it’s truly a royal experience on a tight budget.


1. Affordability and Efficiency

  • Starting price: Rs. 5.84 Lakh for the base model.
  • Top model price: Up to Rs. 8.30 Lakh.
  • Engine capacity: 1197 cc.
  • Mileage: 20.89 kmpl.

2. Features and Support

  • Offers excellent drivability, suitable for city commutes.
  • Practical design with a focus on passenger comfort.
  • Seating capacity for five individuals.
  • Available in both manual and automatic transmission models.
  • Runs on petrol.
  • Backed by Maruti’s vast service network.

3. Areas of Improvement

  • AMT gearbox can be jerky with significant throttle inputs.
  • Rear seating may be uncomfortable for three passengers.
  • Subjective design: Some may find the narrow frame unappealing.

4. 2023 Updates

  • Compliant with BS6 Phase 2 (RDE) emission standards.
  • Enhanced safety features come as standard.
  • Feels premium with various personalisation options.
  • Ample storage spaces in the centre console and door pads.

5. Variants

  • Available in four distinct versions.
  • Pricing starts from Rs. 5.82 Lakh.

6. Price and Versions

  • Ignis Sigma 1.2 MT: Rs. 5.84 Lakh.
  • Ignis Delta 1.2 MT: Rs. 6.38 Lakh.
  • Ignis Delta 1.2 AMT: Rs. 6.93 Lakh.
  • Ignis Zeta 1.2 MT: Rs. 6.96 Lakh.
  • Ignis Zeta 1.2 MT Dual Tone: Rs. 7.10 Lakh.

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