jawan box office collection day 2: Amidst the glitz, glamour, and roar of Bollywood, “Jawan” has emerged as a titan, impressively leaving an indelible mark on the box office and setting the stage for what looks like a historical cinematic run. As the curtains of its debut drew to a close, it was evident: “Jawan’s” roar is here to stay and resonate powerfully.

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Historic Opening for Jawan:

Eclipsing the competition, “Jawan” has secured its position as the highest-grossing Bollywood opening film to date. Such a monumental feat is a testament to the powerful storyline, the performances, and of course, the magnetic allure of the Khan legacy. It seems the cinematic cosmos aligned perfectly to set “Jawan” on its stellar trajectory.

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Shahrukh’s Enthralling Action Sequence:

Not one to rest on his laurels, Shahrukh Khan has once again mesmerized fans with his riveting action sequences in “Jawan”. Drawing parallels with his enthralling performance in “Pathan”, the superstar has proven time and again that age is just a number, especially when it comes to delivering breathtaking stunts and high-octane scenes that keep fans glued to their seats.

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Impressive Domestic Earnings:

The numbers speak volumes. On its first day, “Jawan” notched up a staggering Rs 75 crore in India alone. Such a remarkable figure not only underscores the film’s massive appeal but also sets the benchmark for future releases. It’s clear; the domestic audience has welcomed “Jawan” with open arms and wallets.

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A Global Phenomenon:

Beyond the Indian shores, “Jawan” has proven to be a cinematic juggernaut. Clocking in a worldwide collection of Rs 120 crore, the film has clearly resonated with a global audience, reinforcing Bollywood’s growing influence on the international entertainment map.

KRK’s Bold Prediction:

Known for his candid remarks and bold predictions, actor KRK has stirred the pot yet again. He has confidently claimed that the second-day earnings of “Jawan” are set to cross the Rs 50 crore mark. While only time will validate this prediction, given the current momentum, it’s a possibility that many would not dispute.


“Jawan” is not just a film; it’s a phenomenon. Its roaring success is a fitting tribute to the entire cast and crew’s dedication and, most notably, Shahrukh Khan’s undying charisma. As it continues its cinematic journey, one can only wait and watch the new records “Jawan” is poised to set.

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