When Tata introduced the Nexon, it was apparent the Indian auto giant had rolled out a machine that was a blend of design, features, and performance. However, as prospective buyers, one must be cautious. Here are the integral things to ponder upon before diving into the deal; else, your purchase could turn more expensive than anticipated.

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1. Price Range

The Tata Nexon is priced between Rs. 8.00 Lakh and Rs. 14.60 Lakh. As is evident, there’s a substantial price variation depending on the variant you choose. Ensuring that the chosen variant fits your budget and meets your requirements is essential.

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2. Engine and Transmission Options

Tata has catered to a wide audience by offering the Nexon in petrol, diesel, and even CNG variants. It gives buyers the flexibility to choose the right fuel type based on their driving patterns. Be it the city’s hustle and bustle or the long highway routes; there’s an engine type for all. Moreover, both manual and automatic transmissions are available, making it cater to both enthusiasts and comfort seekers. Remember, seating is capped at five, so larger families might need to look elsewhere.

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3. Highlighted Features

The Tata Nexon is a feature-packed vehicle, and that’s one of its strongest suits:

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  • TPMS for tyre safety.
  • Automatic climate control for comfort.
  • Cruise control for those long drives.
  • Keyless start/stop button for convenience.
  • 8-way manually adjustable driver’s seat.
  • Premium leatherette seat upholstery.
  • Rain sensing wipers, a boon during unpredictable weather.
  • Electrically adjustable sunroof, a luxury touch.

Engine sizes vary from 1199 to 1497 cc, ensuring you get the right blend of power and efficiency, with mileage figures ranging between 17.05 and 24.07 kmpl.

4. Variants Galore

There’s no shortage of options here. Tata offers a plethora of variants for the Nexon:

  • XE, XM, XM(S), XZ, XZ Plus, and more.
  • Dual-tone and Dark Edition options for added aesthetic appeal.
  • Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) variants for those who prefer a hassle-free driving experience.

5. Powertrain and City-specific Prices

The BS6 2 RDE-compliant 1.5-litre diesel engine stands out, producing a commendable 108bhp at 4,000rpm and a peak torque of 260Nm at 1,500rpm. The city-wise prices, however, can vary:

  • Mumbai: Rs. 9.51 Lakh
  • Bangalore: Rs. 9.78 Lakh
  • Delhi: Rs. 9.10 Lakh … and the list goes on.

while the Tata Nexon promises an impressive package on paper, understanding its intricacies, and aligning them with one’s needs can ensure a decision that you won’t regret. It’s essential to factor in both the initial purchase price and the long-term cost of ownership to get the best out of your investment.

Tata Nexon
Tata Nexon

– The Tata Nexon is a popular SUV car in India, known for its strength and style.
– The car is known for its safety features and was the first car in India to receive a 5-star safety rating.
– While the car has good mileage, safety, and performance, it lacks a fresh design as the models have not changed since 2017.
– The windshield wipers in the car are positioned oddly, with the passenger side wiper sitting higher than usual.
– The Tata Nexon faces tough competition from Maruti in terms of features and price.

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