If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you might want to sit down for this one because you won’t believe it. You can now own a Harley-Davidson X440, the epitome of American cruiser bikes, for an astonishingly low price of just Rs. 40,000. Yes, you read that right! This incredible opportunity is turning heads and igniting passions among bike lovers across India. But before you rush to the nearest Harley-Davidson showroom, let’s dive into the details of this unbelievable deal and get to know the Harley-Davidson X440 a bit better.

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Harley-Davidson X440: Unveiling the Marvel

The Harley-Davidson X440 is a cruiser bike that comes in three enticing variants and four captivating colors. The starting price for this remarkable machine is Rs. 2,29,000, making it accessible to a broader range of riders. For those looking for a top-tier experience, the top variant of the X440 is available at Rs. 2,69,000.

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Under the Hood Harley Davidson X440

The heart of the Harley-Davidson X440 is a robust 440 cc engine that delivers a powerful 27 bhp at 6000 rpm and an impressive torque of 38 Nm at 4000 rpm. With these specs, the X440 is ready to conquer the open road, providing a thrilling riding experience that enthusiasts crave.

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Efficiency Meets Performance Harley Davidson X440

While the Harley-Davidson X440 packs a punch in terms of power, it doesn’t compromise on fuel efficiency. With a mileage of 35 kmpl, you can enjoy long rides without constantly worrying about refueling. The digital odometer and speedometer add a touch of modernity to this classic cruiser.

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Real-World Review Harley Davidson X440

To give you a taste of what owning the Harley-Davidson X440 is like, let’s hear from a real rider who has had the pleasure of using this magnificent machine. The reviewer used the X440 for everything, from daily commuting to long-distance journeys. Over six months to a year of ownership and covering 5000-10000 kilometers, the bike delivered an impressive mileage of 35 kmpl, reaffirming its practicality for both city and highway riding.

FAQs About the Harley-Davidson X440

  1. On-Road Price in 2023: In Delhi, the on-road price of the 2023 Harley-Davidson X440 is Rs. 2,69,511. This includes the ex-showroom price, RTO charges, and insurance fees.
  2. Color Choices: The Harley-Davidson X440 is available in four alluring colors: Metallic Thick Red, Mustard Denim, Matte Black, and Metallic Dark Silver.
  3. Key Specifications: This cruiser bike weighs 190.5 kg, boasts a 440 cc BS6 Phase 2 engine, and has a fuel tank capacity of 13.5 liters, ensuring you can enjoy long rides without frequent stops.

The Good and the Areas for Improvement

While the Harley-Davidson X440 is a dream machine for many, it’s not without its pros and cons.

Good Things:

  • Exceptional Handling: The X440 handles exceptionally well, giving riders a sense of control and confidence on the road.
  • Comfortable Ergonomics: The bike is designed with rider comfort in mind, ensuring a pleasant experience during long journeys.
  • Strong Mid-Range Performance: The 440 cc engine offers robust mid-range performance, making overtaking and highway cruising effortless.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Fit and Finish: Some riders have noted that the fit and finish of certain components could be improved for a more polished look.
  • Engine Vibrations: While the engine delivers power, some users have mentioned that reducing engine vibrations further could enhance the riding experience.

The opportunity to own a Harley-Davidson X440 for just Rs. 40,000 is nothing short of extraordinary. With its powerful engine, excellent fuel efficiency, and an array of variants and colors to choose from, this iconic cruiser bike has a lot to offer. While there may be room for improvement in terms of fit and finish and engine vibrations, the X440 impresses with its handling, comfort, and mid-range performance. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer to own a piece of American motorcycle history at an unbeatable price!

Harley-Davidson X440

– Hero MotoCorp has collaborated with Harley Davidson to introduce its new bike, the Harley Davidson X440, in India’s premium bike segment. This is the company’s most affordable premium bike.
– The company has equipped the bike with a powerful engine based on modern technology, allowing it to generate more power for all terrains.
– The denim variant of the Harley Davidson X440 is priced at INR 2,29,000 in showrooms, with an on-road price of INR 2,68,751.
– The company offers easy finance plans for purchasing the bike, with a loan of INR 2,28,751 available for a period of 36 months with an annual interest rate of 6%.
– A down payment of INR 40,000 can be made, and the loan amount can be repaid with a monthly EMI of INR 6,959.
– The Harley Davidson X440 comes with a 440cc engine based on air-oil cooling technology, capable of producing a maximum power of 27.37 bhp and a peak torque of 38 Nm. It is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox and offers a mileage of 35 km per liter.
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