In the heart of Guwahati, if you ever taste a delectable plate of momos, chances are, you’re tasting a part of Debashish Mazumdar’s dream. But his journey to success was neither easy nor predictable. Here’s the incredible rags-to-riches story of the man behind the popular momo chain, “Momomiya.”

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Humble Beginnings:

Debashish was born into a modest Bengali family, but even amidst financial constraints, he had big dreams. As a child, the allure of business captivated him, an inkling of his future.

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Legacy of Wisdom:

Debashish’s grandfather instilled in him a golden philosophy: “Focus on making a name, not just money. A name lasts forever.” This ideology resonated deeply with Debashish, guiding his decisions in the years to come.

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Banking Days:

Post his college education, Debashish secured a job in a bank. However, despite a stable income and a promising career path, he felt a void. Following a conversation with his mother after his first paycheck, he was inspired to work with increased dedication. This zeal propelled his banking career, and in a few years, he ascended to a significant position.

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Tasting Entrepreneurship:

Even with a handsome monthly salary of Rs 1 lakh, Debashish’s entrepreneurial itch persisted. Succumbing to this desire, he founded an ice cream startup in 2016. Pouring in his savings and borrowing additional funds, he hoped for success. Unfortunately, within a year, the venture tanked, pushing him into a debt of Rs 8 lakh.

Financial Despair:

At his lowest, Debashish recalls a moment when he couldn’t afford to buy new shoes for a festival, with just ₹200 in his pocket. However, one fateful night, while discussing his aspirations with his wife and mother, he received unwavering support, reigniting his entrepreneurial spirit.

Tasting Entrepreneurship:

A simple visit to a Guwahati restaurant birthed his next business idea. Dissatisfied with the momos’ quality and taste, an idea popped into his mind: what if he could deliver delicious, high-quality momos? Sensing a rising trend and potential market, he was confident about this venture.

Tasting Entrepreneurship

In 2018, armed with a loan of Rs 3.5 lakh, Debashish launched Momomiya’s first outlet in Guwahati. The gamble paid off, and his sales began to soar.

Overcoming Hurdles:

However, 2020 posed significant challenges, bringing his thriving business to a standstill. But with resilience and innovative strategies, he overcame this slump, expanding to over 100 outlets nationwide.

Franchise Success:

The rapid growth of Momomiya can also be attributed to its franchise model, which collects a franchise fee of Rs 2.5 lakh from every partner, enhancing its revenue streams.

The Momo Empire

Today, Debashish’s dream, Momomiya, boasts an impressive annual turnover of Rs 25 crore. More than just a business, it provides livelihoods to approximately 400 individuals, reflecting Debashish’s impact on the community.

Debashish Majumder
Debashish Majumder

In essence, Debashish Mazumdar’s journey, from his humble beginnings to establishing a nationwide brand, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience, belief, and the indomitable human spirit.