TVS iQube EV: The evolution of the two-wheeler market in India is evident. From fuel-powered scooters dominating the roads, the tides are shifting towards electric variants, and at the forefront of this revolution stands the TVS iQube EV. Dubbed as the super electric scooter, its astounding efficiency can give traditional giants like Splendor a run for their money. What’s more, its remarkable feature of covering 103KM for merely ₹3 underscores its budget-friendly quotient.

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1. Outstanding Riding Specifications:

At the heart of the iQube EV’s performance lies its impressive riding range of 100 km, ensuring that riders can traverse significant distances without fretting about frequent charging stops. The scooter’s zippy nature is evident with its commendable top speed of 78 Kmph, making city commutes swift and enjoyable.

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Weighing in at a manageable 117 kg, the iQube EV doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or functionality. It sports full-LED lighting which not only provides brilliant illumination but also enhances its contemporary look. The full-colour TFT instrument cluster is not just about displaying essential metrics but also integrates TVS’ SmartXonnect function, offering smart connectivity on the move.

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2. In the Ring with Mighty Competitors:

Despite its laudable features, the TVS iQube EV doesn’t have the luxury of a monopoly. It finds itself in a fiercely competitive landscape, battling against formidable rivals such as the Ather 450X, Ola S1 Air, Bajaj Chetak, Revolt RV400, Hero Vida V1, Ola S1 Pro, and the Simple One. Each of these models comes with its set of unique propositions, ensuring that the electric scooter segment remains dynamic and customer-centric.

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3. Pricing and Technical Specifications:

The TVS iQube EV is competitively priced between ₹1.56 – ₹1.62 Lakh, making it an attractive proposition for a vast array of consumers. Those considering financing the scooter can expect EMIs to start from ₹4,687.

From a technical standpoint, the scooter’s battery, which is its powerhouse, requires about 5 hours to charge fully. Once charged, it can unleash a rated power of 3000 W. With a comfortable seat height of 770 mm, the iQube EV caters to a broad spectrum of riders, ensuring that height isn’t a barrier to enjoy this electric marvel.

4. Efficiency and Design Aesthetics:

Reports emphasizing the scooter’s capability to cover approximately 103 kilometers on a single charge, all the while incurring a charging cost of around ₹3, undoubtedly make it a frontrunner in efficiency. This means longer rides at a fraction of the cost when compared to fuel-run counterparts.

TVS Iqube Ev
TVS Iqube Ev

Furthermore, TVS hasn’t held back in infusing the iQube EV with a distinct design language. The headlamp and tail lamp showcase modern design cues, and the U-shaped LED DRL on the handlebar cowl adds to its futuristic appeal.

TVS iQube EV is not just an electric scooter; it’s a testament to where the future of two-wheelers is headed. With a blend of performance, affordability, and modern design, it’s poised to redefine urban mobility in India.


– TVS has recently launched its new electric scooter called TVS Iqube Ev, which has modern features and a decent driving range.
– The scooter supports smartphone connectivity through the SmartXonnect app, which offers features like navigation, geo-fencing, range estimation, battery charge status, ride statistics, and over-speeding alert.
– The TVS Iqube Ev variant comes with a 5-inch display, while the S variant features a larger 7-inch screen.
– According to reports, the scooter can cover approximately 103 kilometers on a single charge, with charging costs around ₹3.
– The price of TVS Iqube Ev is set at around ₹1.25 lakhs, making it a suitable and attractive option for customers looking for an electric scooter in the budget segment.

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