In a noteworthy transition that evoked widespread admiration, IAS Divya Mittal, who served as the District Magistrate of Mirzapur, has been entrusted with a new role in the Basti district. The remarkable event garnered an enthusiastic response from the public, with crowds gathering to express their appreciation through flower showers and a grand farewell ceremony. As curiosity mounts about Divya Mittal’s background and accomplishments, let’s delve into her inspiring journey.

An Emblem of Administrative Excellence

Divya Mittal, an accomplished Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, held the pivotal position of District Magistrate in Mirzapur before her transfer to Basti district. This transfer marked a significant chapter in her career, with the public’s heartfelt farewell underscoring the positive impact she had made during her tenure.

Farewell Program Reflections

Following the farewell program organized in recognition of her contributions, Divya Mittal expressed her gratitude and reflected on her memorable tenure in Mirzapur. Her heartfelt words resonated with those present, serving as a testament to the rapport she had built with the community.

A Journey of Transformative Roles

Divya Mittal’s journey as a District Magistrate began when she assumed the responsibilities of Mirzapur, succeeding a transfer from Sant Kabir Nagar. This transfer not only showcased her adaptability but also reflected the trust reposed in her capabilities by the administrative authorities.

A Diverse Educational Background

Hailing from Rewari district in Haryana, Divya Mittal’s academic journey has been characterized by excellence. She completed her primary education in Delhi and further pursued her education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, where she obtained an MBA. Prior to her administrative career, she gained international exposure through work in London.

A Global Perspective and Return to India

After her stint in London, Divya Mittal returned to her homeland, India, accompanied by her husband, Gagandeep. This decision exemplifies her commitment to serving her nation and utilizing her acquired skills to make a positive impact on society.

Symbol of Empowerment

Divya Mittal’s farewell program took on a poignant note as a multitude of women in attendance showered her with rose petals, symbolizing the empowerment she embodied as a female IAS officer. Her presence has not only been a source of inspiration but also a reminder of the heights that women can achieve in the administrative realm.

Memories and Gratitude

Addressing the attendees of the farewell program, Divya Mittal expressed her gratitude for the warmth and cooperation she experienced during her tenure in Mirzapur. Her sentiments encapsulated the profound connection she established with the district, leaving an indelible mark on both her and the community.

IAS Divya Mittal
IAS Divya Mittal

IAS Divya Mittal’s transfer from Mirzapur to Basti district has stirred widespread recognition, fostering a greater understanding of her achievements and impact. Her journey, marked by diverse experiences and a commitment to public service, serves as an inspiration to aspiring administrators and reinforces the significance of dedication, empathy, and transformative leadership in the administrative landscape.