In a significant move that is set to reshape the landscape of the electric vehicle (EV) market in India, Maruti Suzuki, one of the country’s leading automobile manufacturers, has unveiled ambitious plans to invest ₹45,000 crore in the electric vehicle sector. With an expected launch date of January 2025 and an estimated price range of ₹15.00 lakh to ₹20.00 lakh, Maruti Suzuki’s foray into the EV segment promises to be a game-changer.

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Massive Investment in Electric Mobility Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki’s decision to invest ₹45,000 crore in the electric vehicle sector underscores its commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation. This substantial financial commitment is a clear indication of the company’s determination to make a mark in the EV market and compete with established players like Tata and Mahindra.

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First Electric Car by 2025

Maruti Suzuki has set a target to launch its first electric car by the beginning of 2025. This ambitious venture is expected to offer competitive pricing with an EMI starting at ₹36,930 per month, making it more accessible to a broader spectrum of consumers. With its entry into the EV market, Maruti Suzuki aims to cater to the growing demand for clean and energy-efficient vehicles in India.

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Maruti Suzuki eVX Concept – A Glimpse of the Future

The eVX Concept from Maruti Suzuki is generating significant buzz in the automotive industry. Measuring 4300x1800x1600mm in dimension, this concept vehicle promises an exciting glimpse into the future of electric SUVs. Maruti Suzuki’s vision for the eVX Concept reflects its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. This bold move puts Maruti Suzuki in direct competition with other renowned car brands like Tata, Hyundai, and MG, signaling that it is prepared to assert its dominance in the EV segment.

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FAQs about Maruti Suzuki eVX EV

  • Seating Capacity: The seating capacity of the Maruti Suzuki eVX EV has not been disclosed by the brand at this time. As more information becomes available, customers can look forward to updates from Maruti Suzuki regarding this crucial detail.
  • Range: Similarly, the exact range of the Maruti Suzuki eVX EV has not been revealed by the brand. With its expected launch date in January 2025 and an estimated price range of ₹15.00 lakh to ₹20.00 lakh, potential buyers are advised to wait for official information from Maruti Suzuki regarding the range of this upcoming electric SUV.
  • Launch Date: As previously mentioned, the Maruti Suzuki eVX EV is expected to make its debut in January 2025. This exciting development will mark a significant milestone in the Indian EV market, and consumers can anticipate more updates from Maruti Suzuki as the launch date approaches.

Maruti Suzuki’s bold entry into the electric vehicle market, with its substantial investment and innovative eVX Concept, is poised to disrupt the status quo. As the company gears up to launch its first electric car in 2025, it is likely to challenge established players like Tata and Mahindra. With its commitment to eco-friendly transportation and cutting-edge technology, Maruti Suzuki is set to redefine the future of mobility in India. As eagerly awaited details emerge, consumers and enthusiasts alike can look forward to an exciting era of electric vehicles from this automotive giant.

Maruti Suzuki
Maruti Suzuki


  1. Massive ₹45,000 crore investment signals Maruti’s commitment to electric mobility.
  2. Anticipated launch date in January 2025 with a price range of ₹15.00 – ₹20.00 lakh.
  3. First electric car introduction, offering competitive ₹36,930 monthly EMIs.
  4. eVX Concept: Futuristic design measuring 4300x1800x1600mm, a glimpse of innovation.
  5. Maruti Suzuki competes with Tata, Hyundai, and MG in EV sector.
  6. Seating capacity undisclosed; awaiting updates from Maruti Suzuki.
  7. Range details not revealed; wait for official information from Maruti.
  8. Exciting January 2025 launch date on the horizon.
  9. Maruti Suzuki poised to reshape the Indian electric vehicle market.
  10. Eco-friendly, cutting-edge technology defines Maruti’s foray into electric vehicles.

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