– Hero HF Deluxe 2023 has been launched with new updates in the Black Canvas Edition.
– The bike comes in two variants, kick-start and self-start, with prices starting at Rs 60,760.
– The design of the Hero HF Deluxe 2023 has been given a sporty look, with black headlamp cowl, fuel tank, leg guard, alloy wheels, grab rails, and exhaust pipe.
– The bike is equipped with a 97.2cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that meets BS6 standards and features Xssence Technology with fuel injection technology.
– The engine produces a maximum power of 8.02PS and torque of 8.05Nm, and is paired with a 4-speed gearbox.

The Unbeatable Hero HF Deluxe Storm: Merging Style, Performance, and Affordability

In the dynamic world of motorcycles, Hero MotoCorp has once again proven its prowess with the launch of the new Hero HF Deluxe Storm. This latest addition to the Hero HF Deluxe lineup is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering unbeatable value, performance, and style, all at an incredibly affordable price point. Let’s dive into the remarkable features that set the HF Deluxe Storm apart from the competition.

Hero HF Deluxe Storm The Black Canvas Edition – A Bold Expression of Style

The Hero HF Deluxe Storm arrives with a refreshing update – the Black Canvas Edition. This special edition showcases an exquisite interplay of shades that not only adds a touch of elegance but also gives riders the opportunity to make a bold statement on the roads. With this edition, Hero offers riders two variants to choose from: kick-start and self-start, ensuring that every rider’s preferences are catered to.

Unbeatable Price and Attractive Financing

The Hero HF Deluxe Storm has not only redefined style and performance but has also set a new benchmark in terms of affordability. Priced at just ₹56,186, this motorcycle opens the doors to an exciting and fulfilling riding experience for enthusiasts across the country. Moreover, Hero MotoCorp’s customer-centric approach extends to its financing options, allowing riders to own the HF Deluxe Storm with ease. With an EMI of just ₹1,927 per month, the dream of owning a powerful and stylish motorcycle is now within reach. Additionally, occasional discounts and promotional offers further sweeten the deal, making the HF Deluxe Storm an irresistible choice.

Key Specifications – Performance and Efficiency at its Best

Under the hood, the HF Deluxe Storm boasts a 97.2 cc engine, which translates to a perfect balance of power and efficiency. This engine marvel generates an impressive power of 7.91 bhp and a torque of 8.05 Nm, delivering a seamless and exhilarating riding experience. The motorcycle features a 4-speed manual transmission for smooth gear shifts, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate through various terrains.

Hero HF Deluxe Storm Unmatched Mileage and Performance

The HF Deluxe Storm stands tall with its remarkable fuel efficiency, boasting an impressive mileage of 65 kmpl. This frugality ensures that riders can venture far and wide without worrying about frequent fuel stops. On top of its outstanding mileage, the motorcycle offers a commendable top speed of 85 kmph, making it an ideal companion for both city commutes and highway journeys. The chain drive transmission type and all 4 up gear shifting pattern further contribute to the motorcycle’s performance prowess.

Hero HF Deluxe Storm Striking Design and Riding Comfort

The HF Deluxe Storm’s design not only exudes sophistication but also prioritizes rider comfort. With both front and rear drum brakes, the motorcycle guarantees responsive braking for enhanced safety. The riding range of 591.5 km ensures that riders can explore new horizons without the constraint of refueling. Moreover, the comfortable seat height of 805 mm ensures that riders of varying statures can confidently maneuver the motorcycle.

Hero HF Deluxe Storm Regional Pricing

Hero MotoCorp’s commitment to accessibility is highlighted by its competitive regional pricing. In Mumbai, the HF Deluxe Storm is priced at ₹73,720, while in Bangalore, it comes at a price of ₹64,410. In Delhi, enthusiasts can own this marvel for ₹70,298, showcasing Hero’s dedication to catering to diverse markets with the same exceptional quality.

Key Features for a Complete Riding Experience

The HF Deluxe Storm doesn’t just stop at performance; it also boasts key features that enhance the overall riding experience. With a kerb weight of 110 kg, the motorcycle strikes an ideal balance between stability and agility. The fuel tank capacity of 9.1 litres ensures longer journeys without frequent stops, and the motorcycle’s impressive seat height of 805 mm provides a commanding view of the road ahead.

Hero HF Deluxe Storm
Hero HF Deluxe Storm

The Hero HF Deluxe Storm is an embodiment of Hero MotoCorp’s dedication to excellence, affordability, and performance. With its distinctive style, unbeatable mileage, and rider-centric features, this motorcycle stands as an exceptional choice for riders seeking an unforgettable journey on two wheels. Hero MotoCorp’s HF Deluxe Storm proves that owning a powerful and stylish motorcycle is not just a dream but a tangible reality.


  • Black Canvas Edition available, showcasing bold style.
  • Two variants: kick-start and self-start.
  • Affordable price of ₹56,186.
  • Easy financing with an EMI of ₹1,927/month.
  • Occasional discounts and promotional offers available.
  • Engine capacity: 97.2 cc.
  • Impressive mileage: 65 kmpl.
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual.
  • Power: 7.91 bhp.
  • Torque: 8.05 Nm.
  • Front and rear drum brakes for responsive braking.
  • Riding range of 591.5 km.
  • Top speed: 85 kmph.
  • Chain drive transmission type.
  • Gear shifting pattern: All 4 up.
  • Cylinders: 1.
  • Bore: 50 mm.
  • Regional pricing:
    • Mumbai: ₹73,720.
    • Bangalore: ₹64,410.
    • Delhi: ₹70,298.
  • Kerb weight: 110 kg.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 9.1 litres.
  • Seat height: 805 mm.

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