Hero Karizma
Hero Karizma


– Hero has launched its new bike, New Hero Karizma, in the Indian market with modern technology and new features.
– The bike has a stylish and sporty look, with LED headlights, adjustable windshield, clip-on handlebars, and split-seat setup.
– It is equipped with a powerful 210cc engine that produces 25.15bhp at 9,250rpm and 20.4Nm at 7,250rpm.
– The bike has a mileage of approximately 48 kilometers.
– The price of the New Hero Karizma is around 172,000 rupees, making it a suitable option in the budget segment with its modern features and specifications.

Market Update: Hero Launches New Hero Karizma with Advanced Features and Attractive Design

In recent times, many companies in the market have been revamping their iconic bikes and launching them with updated features. Hero, a renowned two-wheeler manufacturer, has recently launched its new Hero Karizma in the Indian market. The bike boasts modern technology and new segments, making it an appealing option for customers in 2023. If you are considering buying a new bike and looking for an attractive design, the New Hero Karizma can be a great choice.

The New Hero Karizma comes with exciting features. It has a sporty and youthful appearance with a stylish LED headlight and an adjustable windscreen. The clip-on handlebars and split-seat setup further enhance its appeal. The company has also incorporated attractive body parts on the front, giving it a similar look to the Tvs Apache from the rear.

In terms of engine specifications, the New Hero Karizma is equipped with a powerful 210cc engine, providing ample power and comfort. It produces 25.15bhp at 9,250rpm and 20.4Nm at 7,250rpm. The engine is coupled with a six-speed gearbox and features a slip-and-assist clutch. The bike is built on a new steel trellis frame and has a mileage of approximately 48 kilometers.

The New Hero Karizma is competitively priced at around 172,000 INR in the Indian market. With its modern technology and impressive features, it offers customers a feasible option within the budget segment. It is undoubtedly a great choice for those seeking a bike with advanced engine specifications and an attractive design.

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