Delhi Metro Rail is developing very fast. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is always ahead in adopting technology. DMRC has used technology very well in every phase. A similar pattern will be seen at Phase 4 metro stations.

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For your information, let us tell you that the first look of the train running in Phase 4 of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has been revealed. It is somewhat similar to Mumbai’s Aqua Line. Friends, there will be 312 new coaches in RS 17 train set.

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Friends, that means about 52 trains are going to run in this phase. At present DMRC has 336 trains. Total trains will be around 388. It is being told that the company has started the work of making the train.

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If reports in the media are to be believed, these 52 trains with 6 coaches will be run on 3 metro lines. Let us tell you that Rs 2,631.36 crore is going to be spent on its construction. It is being said that it will have CBTC signaling system.

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