Devotees should not face any kind of problem on the occasion of Chaitra Navratri fair. Friends, Varanasi Division of North Eastern Railway has taken a decision in view of the additional crowd of devotees and passengers.

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For your information, let us tell you that from 09 to 23 April 2024, additional 05 minutes temporary stoppage of trains has been provided at Maihar station. Due to which the common man is going to benefit a lot.

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Friends, it is being told that a large crowd of devotees going to Maihar is always seen. In view of this, the railway administration has decided to run many trains. So let us know the list of those trains.

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Let us tell you that 12669 Chennai-Chhapra Bi-Weekly Express, running from Chennai from 08 to 22 April, 2024, will reach Maihar station at 20.45 hrs and will leave from there at 20.50 hrs. Which 22131 Pune-Banaras Weekly Express will reach Maihar station at 11.00 am and will leave at 11.05 am.

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