The plan to increase the speed of trains on the Lucknow-Gorakhpur route of Uttar Pradesh is being worked on very fast. After four months, the speed of trains on Lucknow to Gorakhpur route is going to be increased to 130 kilometers per hour.

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For your information, let us tell you that after the track work is done on this route, now automatic signaling work is being done. It is being said that by replacing absolute signals with automatic signals, operation of trains will be safe.

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Friends, if the news going on in the media is to be believed then Gorakhpur may also get the gift of Rajdhani Express. Because it has been in demand for a long time. Another thing to be seen is the cities from where Rajdhani Express is going to New Delhi.

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Its speed is 130 kilometers per hour. It is also being said that the railway administration has also increased the speed of trains in the yard of Gorakhpur railway station. Due to which passengers can reach their destination in less time.

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