Friends, the festival is over, let me tell you that a few days ago, yes, on 25th March, there was the festival of Holi in which many people came from the city to their villages, but now they are planning to go back home after the festival is over, due to which there is a shortage of passengers in trains. The crowd has started increasing in numbers.

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There is so much crowd of people in most of the trains that people are facing a lot of problems. If we talk about the most crowded station, the number of passengers traveling between Lucknow and Varanasi is especially high.

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In order to provide good facilities to the passengers, Indian Railways has made a big announcement and taken a decision in favor of the people. Let us tell you that Railways has decided to run a special train between Khanau and Varanasi. So that people do not face any kind of problem in travelling.

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Also, the train which has been announced by the Railways has been named as Festival Special Train by the Railways. Which will be run continuously from last 3rd April till 20th April. Regarding this, senior railway officer Rekha Sharma said that it has been decided to run special trains for better facilities to the people.

In which train number 04217 /04218 Varanasi Jn. – Lucknow – Varanasi Jn. Festival Special Train (Memo Rack) Train No. 04217 Varanasi Jn. – It has been told that Lucknow festival special train will be operated till 3/04/24.

Whereas train number 04217 will travel from Varanasi Junction to Lucknow. And this train will leave from Varanasi station at 6:44 am and will reach Lucknow via Babatpur, Jaunpur, Shahjahanpur, Akbarpur, Ayodhya Dham, Rudauli, Daryabad and Barabanki Junction.

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