People working in government offices always wait to get leave and go out with their family and friends. But they rarely get this opportunity but the month of April can be good for them.

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Let us tell you that in the month of April, not just one but 11 government holidays are being given. According to the calendar released by the government, 5 government holidays have been declared by the Central and State Government in April 2024. Not only this, friends, four Sundays are coming in this month.

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Friends, in Madhya Pradesh government offices work only for 5 days from Monday to Friday. There is an unannounced holiday on Saturday. Which is four Saturdays in the month of April. That means there are a total of 13 holidays in the entire month of April, including 5 government holidays, four Saturdays and four Sundays.

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But the thing to be seen in this is that two government holidays fall on Sundays. Due to this, 11 leaves will be wasted. Which is the holiday of Hindu New Year and Maharishi Gautam Jayanti on Tuesday, April 9. Apart from this there are many holidays also.

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