Luxury trains
Luxury trains

If you have also been to a 5 star hotel, you must have seen how good facilities are available in it. Which is especially known around the world for its luxury facilities. But there is a train in India which is a moving luxury hotel.

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For your information, the speed of this train is so much that it can make even a leopard fail. It is being told that its speed is 130 km. Will be up to per hour. The time for this train to land on the track has been fixed.

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Friends, now preparations have been made to run another long distance luxury train i.e. Sleeper Vande Bharat Express on the track. If reports in the media are to be believed, this train will start running on the track from September. Which means that this train will run on long routes.

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According to reports, there will be 16 coaches in the sleeper Vande Bharat Express. It is being said that like Rajdhani, it will have third AC, second AC and first AC coaches. Friends, the maximum speed of the train is 160 km. It is going to be per hour.

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