Friends, today’s news is going to be very special for those people, especially those who have direct relation with Siwan district of Bihar. Because Railways has recently announced to send a big train from here to Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

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Because the people of most of the districts of Bihar have direct relations with Gujarat and Ahmedabad, most of the people of Bihar go to work in the factories there and also people of many districts of Bihar live in Surat for livelihood.

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In such a situation, it is a challenge for the people of Bihar to go to Gujarat and Ahmedabad, but friends, let me tell you that there are many trains running from many parts of Bihar to Ahmedabad. Only 2 trains depart from Siwan Railway Station.

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There is one regular train and one weekly train. Because of this, passengers traveling through this route face a lot of trouble. Whereas a weekly train Sabarmati Jansadharan Express operates. And for this Avadh Assam Express operates.

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At Siwan Wan Junction, train number 15269 Sabarmati Jansadharan Express will be available at 1:20 pm on Saturday, while train number 15909 Avadh Assam Express will be available till 21:08 pm.

Whereas from Chhapra Junction, the time of departure of train number 19166 Ahmedabad Sabarmati Express has been kept at 9:50 am on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and the time of train number 09466 Ahmedabad Clone Special train has been kept at 8:40 am on Monday.

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