Friends, if you also travel by Indian Railways and are going to travel somewhere in one to two days, then this news can prove to be informative for you. Because today’s news is related to South Eastern Railway.

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Let me tell you that in Adra Railway Division of Eastern Railway, Railways has told that it will carry out development work from 05 to 07 April. Also, considering this region, Railways has told to run 06 trains by short-terminating and short-originating them.

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Also, the Railways has changed the operation of train number 18601 Tatanagar-Hatiya Express, starting from Tatanagar on 05th and 06th April. This train is to be run on the changed route via Chandil-Gunda Bihar-Muri till Hatia station.

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If we talk about April 6, then on April 6, train number 08174/08652 Tatanagar-Asansol-Barabhum MEMU special train is to be operated till Adra station. And whereas on 05 and 07 April, train number 08680/08679 Adra-Midnapore-Adra MEMU special train will be extended up to Garbeta station.

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