Friends, on the roads in India, along with collecting toll tax on highways and expressways, a big announcement has been made by NHAI, the country’s biggest organization. Let us tell you that One Vehicle, One FASTag has been implemented.

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In today’s news, we are going to talk about One Vehicle, One FASTag and what impact its implementation is going to have on the lives of common people. Regarding this, a senior official of NHAI says that the objective of the state-owned National Highway Authority of India is to promote the use of only one Fastag along with one vehicle.

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Friends, the officer told about this that they will not be able to use Fastag. Friends, in view of the problems faced by Paytm FASTag users, NHAI has extended the deadline for compliance with a ‘FASTag’ initiative till the end of March.

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Friends, RBI has said that the customers and merchants of Paytm Payments Bank Limited (PPBL) have been advised to make transfers to all their other bank accounts by March 15. Also, this collection system is operated by the National Highway Authority of India only.

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