Friends, ever since the inauguration of Ram temple in Ayodhya, a large number of people are going to Ayodhya. Friends, the development of Ram city Ayodhya is happening very fast day by day. Today, every person coming to Ramnagari is carrying in his mind a supernatural picture of the temple of Ramlala.

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Work is being done on many projects in which operation of water metro will be started in Ram Nagri. This will provide great convenience to people in traveling on Saryu river. Recently, Prime Minister Modi has also inaugurated the Water Metro. Now soon the state government will make arrangements for its smooth operation.

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Friends, this will not be a free service, rather people will have to pay a fee for it, although no official announcement has been made regarding how much money will have to be paid, but discussions are going on regarding this, its chart will be released very soon.

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Let me tell you that this water metro service equipped with all the modern facilities will now be a unique and excellent facility for the devotees coming to the city of Ram Lala. The capacity of water metro is 50 passengers at a time. It is completely electric.

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