Now people traveling by train will also get the fun like metro. It is being told that now the train is going to be equipped with announcement system. Friends, the system will be very similar to what is currently seen in metro trains.

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For your information, let us tell you which is the next station and which side is the next platform. and many more. But the real question is whether all that will be told in the trains. Passengers who want to know. This will be something to see.

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If the news going on in the media is to be believed, everything will happen gradually. First this facility will be available in economy coaches, then it will be expanded to other places. Which will be displayed on LED screens at both ends of every coach whether the toilet is empty or full.

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It is also being said that CCTV cameras are also going to be installed at the entry point of the coach. If announcement is made in time about shoes and suspicious activities related to it. Then the journey will become pleasant.

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