The festival of Holi is over. After Holi, people are also going for their work. In which many people have to go to different states. Like every year, this year too there is a huge crowd in trains during the Holi season.

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Let us tell you that Indian Railways is running many Holi special trains on different railway routes. Friends, in the list of trains opening on March 29, 2024, the first number to be included is the train leaving from Patna for Anand Vihar/New Delhi.

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Friends, train number 02351 Patna-Anand Vihar Superfast Special will leave from Patna at 16.00 hrs on 29th March 24 and will reach Anand Vihar at 06.00 hrs the next day. Whereas there is another train which will run from Patna.

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Let us tell you that train number 04065 Patna-Anand Vihar Superfast AC Festival Special will run from Patna at 17.45 hrs on 29 March 2024. After that it will reach Delhi at 11.20 am the next day. The same train number 03227 Ara-Anand Vihar special will leave from Ara at 15.45 hrs on 29 March 24 and will reach Anand Vihar at 07.15 hrs the next day.

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