Friends, you must have often heard that people do not value government goods much and along with using them, they also start misusing them. We are going to tell you in today’s news. Let us know about one such story that a husband stole a bedsheet from the train and brought it home.

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Actually, this whole matter is from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, where the wife of an engineer has made a big revelation and has made big allegations against her husband of theft. According to the wife, the engineer husband used to bring home shampoo, body wash and lotion from hotels along with blankets, sheets and towels from trains.

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But the full investigation has not come out yet and the Lave police is investigating. And angry with this complaint, the husband also made his wife drink heavily, after which the wife got angry and went away from her in-laws’ house to her maternal home.

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According to the woman, this matter came to light when the wife found a big box in her hand. The engineer’s wife says that one day she found a box in her hand, the key of which she got by chance, after which she opened it and saw that there was a lot more in it. There were railway bedsheets and blankets in number.

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After which her husband came home and his wife asked him that this is like a railway ticket and it has to be returned after travelling, and how did it come here in such a large number. The husband got angry on this and started misbehaving with his wife. .

After this, after minor skirmishes, the wife did not lose courage and taking a big step, she called the toll free number of Railways and lodged a complaint. And he talked about taking back all the stuff and he told on the call that there were 40 railway bedsheets, 30 towels, 6 blankets in a box in the house, which were locked in a box in my house.

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