Friends, the festival of Holi is over. Now a Holi special train is still being run to return to Delhi and back from there. Please note that train number 05119/05120 Anand Vihar Terminal-Chhapra Holi Special train is being run.

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And the most important thing is that this train is going to make one trip each from Chapra on Friday 29th March and from Anand Vihar Terminal on Saturday 30th March. According to the news going on in the media, many facilities are going to be available in it.

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For your information, let us tell you that this train has 09 General Second Class, 09 Sleeper, 02 Third AC, 01 Second AC, 01 First Cum Second AC and 02 LSLRD coaches.

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Friends, train number 05119 Chhapra-Anand Vihar Terminal Holi special train is scheduled to depart from Chhapra at 17.45 hrs on Friday, March 29. After that it will reach Siwan Junction at 18.30. Then from here it will go to the next station.

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