Indian Railways is an important part of the lives of crores of people of India. Every day lakhs of people travel by train to reach their destination. It is common to miss a train due to this reason. Friends, many times people do not leave home at the right time. Due to which the train is missed.

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Whereas many people miss their train due to getting stuck in traffic. Friends, if this has happened to you too then there is no need to panic. Which you can claim for your refund in case of missing the train.

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According to railway rules, if a passenger has missed the train or the train is late by more than 3 hours, then in such a situation you can cancel the ticket and claim for refund. Let us tell you that in this situation the passenger can get refund by filing TDR.

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For your information, let us tell you that after filing TDR, it may take up to 60 days to get the refund.

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