Friends, one of the biggest festivals of cricket, IPL, has started this year like every year. But good stadiums have been constructed in most parts of the country. But the unfortunate thing is that even today there is not a single good stadium in Bihar.

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But there is a big good news for the people of Bihar, now there is no need for the people of Bihar to go out of Bihar to watch the IPL match. Because now along with the Indian Premier League, international matches are also to be organized in the biggest and oldest Moinul Haq Stadium of the capital Patna in Bihar itself.

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You will be happy to know that a few months ago Ranji matches against Mumbai were held in this stadium. Since then, questions about the reconstruction of this stadium were arising in people’s minds. After which the then Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav took cognizance of this and talked about making it.

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After which this matter reached the cabinet regarding the reconstruction of Moinul Haq Stadium and it has also been approved by the cabinet. It is said that this stadium will be developed as a modern stadium and all the modern features will be seen in it.

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