Friends, if you are also going to travel somewhere by train, then this news can be good for you from information point of view. Actually, in today’s news we are going to talk about Saptkranti Superfast Express running between Anand Vihar and Muzaffarpur. Let us know…

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Actually, there is going to be a big change in the time table of Saptakranti Superfast Express and this change is going to happen from 26th March. Railways has issued a letter regarding this. Now train number 12558 Saptkranti Superfast Express is going to leave Anand Vihar at 02:35 pm from 26th March.

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Whereas if we talk about the complete time table of this train, then this train will cover a total journey of 1060 km between Anand Vihar to Muzaffarpur in 20 hours 15 minutes and according to the new time, this train will now cover a total of 1060 km in 20 hours 30 minutes. Will decide the journey.

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According to this time table, the train has been slowed down by only 15 minutes as compared to before. Whereas this train Anand Vihar – Muzaffarpur Saptkranti Superfast Express will leave from Anand Vihar at 02:35 pm and will reach Muzaffarpur Junction at 11:05 pm passing through Moradabad, Gorakhpur, Kaptanganj, Bagaha, Narkatiaganj, Bapudham Motihari, Mehshi.

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