special trains
special trains

Many people are preparing to go home for Holi. Keeping this in view, Northern Railway has announced to run ten Holi special trains. And the most important thing is that out of these, six trains are being run from Delhi. Which is very happy news.

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For your information, let us tell you that this Holi special train is going to run from New Delhi to Udhampur, Katra, Banaras, Tundla, Panipat and Agra. Similarly, many special trains are going to run for other cities also.

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Friends, in that list, Holi special train is also going to run from Katra to Varanasi, Banaras to Howrah, Saharanpur to Ambala and Varanasi to Lucknow. Let us tell you that a Holi special train is going to run between New Delhi and Udhampur.

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Please note that train number 04033 is going to run from New Delhi on 22nd and 29th March. Whereas train number 04034 is scheduled to run from Udhampur on 23rd and 30th March. This train is going to stop at junctions like Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal.

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