Patna Metro, the dream project of the entire Bihar people including the Chief Minister of Bihar, is being built in Patna on the lines of the capital Delhi. Work on Patna Metro has been going on for a long time. This work is being done at a very fast pace for a long time.

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If you have also visited the capital Patna in recent times, then you must have seen the ongoing work on the metro in Patna. This metro is being constructed in every corner of Patna, people will get relief from jam and time will also be saved.

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Friends, a question must be coming in your mind that by when will the construction of Patna Metro be completed. By when will the process be completed? Let’s friends know about this news in full detail…

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If we talk about the work of Patna Metro, then about 40% of its work has been completed. The construction work of Corridor Two is being done at the fastest pace.

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Meanwhile, it is now expected that the construction work of Corridor 2 will be completed soon and the metro will run first on Corridor 2 only. The route on which the train is being said to run soon is the place between Moinul Haq Stadium, Patna University, Gandhi Maidan and All India Radio.

Also, friends, a target has been set for Patna Metro till 2026. It has been told that metro can run in the months of March and April of 2026. The construction work of metro train in the capital Patna is said to cost around Rs 2095 crore.

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