Friends, you must have heard the names of many trains, but friends, such a train has been built in which a huge expenditure of about Rs 65 lakh has been revealed. And this train is going to run as Vande Bharat Express between Patna to Ranchi, Patna to Howrah, Patna to Lucknow and Patna to New Jalpaiguri.

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Also, friends, it is told about this train that this train is one of the highest speed trains in India, its speed is above 150 kilometers per hour. Friends, many years ago, 50-60 years ago, the dream of running the fastest train in Indian Railways was dreamed of and approximately Rs. 65 lakhs were spent on it.

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The biggest feature of this train was that it could transport people from Howrah to New Delhi via Bihar in just 24 hours. It is said that Bihar and Jharkhand were not divided at that time. And this was not prevalent anywhere in Bihar.

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Friends, if we talk about the country’s first high speed train, its name is Rajdhani Express. This train was completely ready to run on the tracks on March 1, 1969.

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