Vande Bharat Express train is said to be the most advanced train of India. As you know, the operation of Patna-Gomtinagar Vande Bharat Express has started from Monday. Apart from this, if we talk about Vande Bharat Express.

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Vande Bharat Express train left Patna at 6:05 am and reached Gomtinagar railway station at 2:30 pm. But the most special thing in this is that after getting the train cleaned and filled with water in just 14 minutes, the train was sent to Patna at 3:20 pm.

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For your information, let us tell you that for this work of filling water and cleaning the train, Railways had deployed 25 employees and three supervisors for the duty. It is being told that the train coming from the capital Patna was completely full.

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Friends, there is waiting till 24th March in Vande Bharat Express train from Lucknow to Patna. But the biggest advantage in this is that due to Holi, due to other trains being already full, the operation of Vande Bharat has provided a lot of convenience to the passengers.

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