Friends, after Vande Bharat train, the government started a new train Amrit Bharat Express in the country and it was announced by the Railway Minister himself. Only after its announcement, this train runs from Darbhanga to the country’s capital Delhi via Ayodhya.

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Amrit Bharat Express has taken this big decision considering the good feedback about Vande Bharat train. Regarding this, the Railway Minister has also said that every year a large number of trains ranging from 300 to 400 will be run. This decision has been taken about 20 days after the interim budget.

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Know what will be special in Amrit Bharat Express!

  • Many types of special facilities are going to be available in this train. In other words, it is going to be equipped with all the modern facilities.
  • This train is going to have a more powerful engine than other trains.
  • Amrit Bharat train is equipped with modern facilities like Vande Bharat. Also, this train has engines both in front and behind.
  • This train of Amrit Bharat is a non-AC train, whereas Vande Bharat is an AC train.
  • The speed of this train is approximately 130 km per hour.
  • Friends, if we talk about the fare of this train, the fare will be according to the distance. The minimum fare till the radius of 50 kilometers is Rs 35.
  • Also, this train is going to be convenient from traveling point of view and there will not be any kind of shocks in it.

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