After the introduction of Vande Bharat Chair Car trains in the country, Railways is now working very fast on the sleeper variant of the train. It is being told that Vande Bharat Sleeper train is going to have better facilities than Rajdhani Express trains.

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For your information, let us tell you that there are going to be premium trains of Indian Railways network. Friends, BEML is making the first prototype of the country’s most advanced train i.e. Vande Bharat Express sleeper train. News related to this has also come to light.

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It is being said that it is expected to be presented for testing in a few months. Friends, if we talk about the front design of Vande Bharat sleeper train, its front part will be like ‘eagle’ in terms of design.

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This means that this train will have this pointed shape from the front. The biggest reason for this would be to reduce friction. This train will have 16 coaches in the prototype. It will have a total berth capacity of 823 passengers.

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